Happy 2018! | Let's Set Our Intention For The Year


I posted this blog last year for 2017.... but it still remains relevant. 


Let’s take practical, sustainable, and realistic steps toward a healthier and active lifestyle. I’m sure it comes as no surprise that what you eat before and after your workout is extremely important. Fueling your fitness with the proper nutrition will help to maximize the benefits of all your hard work whether it is at the gym, barre class, or running. As an integrative and functional nutritionist, below are the top tips I give my clients.


But first, let’s start with some inspiration…..


Write a wellness mission | Think: I need to practice balance or finally make self-care a priority. 


Remember…perfection isn’t a goal | Let’s absolve ourselves from seeking perfection. Instead, create an intention each morning when you get up.


Stay calm & centered | Practice mindfulness and meditation. It calms the nervous system and helps with our mind- body connection.  


Practice self-compassion | We all have difficult moments. It is part of growing and changing. Accept those difficulties and be kind to yourself.


Create a Routine | A morning and bedtime routine can improve your sleep quality and improve how you start your day. Plus adequate sleep prevents weight gain and gives you energy.  See my post on creating a morning practice


Science of Nutrition

Carbs are good | Carbs = energy. If you are strapped for glucose during your workout, you’ll likely feel weak, tired, and tempted to call it quits.


Protein | In addition to carbs, it’s a good idea to consume a little protein before or after your workout. When we put pressure on our muscles, we create small tears in our muscle fibers. Protein helps those muscles heal and grow strong, which is ultimately our goal.


Drink up |  It’s best to make sure you are hydrated before you even think about exercising. 




Pre-workout: Mostly carbs with a bit of protein


  • Hardboiled egg (local if possible)

  • A handful of nuts

  • 1 cup of milk or nut milk

  • Protein smoothie: milk/nut milk, protein powder of your choice, spirulina, + cacao nibs

  • Silver Spoons Date Protein Balls + Cacao Nibs (1)  

  • Light meal mostly carbs and protein - keep fats at a minimum

  • Protein rich pancakes - perfect for on-the-go


Post-Workout: Mostly carbs, protein and some fat (healthy of course)

  • Any of your whole foods meal

  • Protein smoothie - add spirulina to fight inflammation + cacao nibs

  • Silver Spoons Date Protein Balls + Cacao Nibs (2)

  • An apple or pear with 1 tbsp of nut butter of your choice

  • 2 tbsp of hummus on 1 piece of toast or ½ pita pocket

  • ½ sweet potato with hummus and drizzled tahini

  • ½ banana (I recommend this for those early workouts) with nut butter

  • Golden Milk: Milk/nut milk of your choice warmed with turmeric and honey


Additional supplements to MAXIMIZE your workouts

  • Turmeric (fights inflammation)

  • BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids for muscle building and aiding in recovery)

  • Tart Cherry (fights inflammation and reduces muscle soreness)

  • Beets (reduce inflammation and support your body’s detoxification process)

  • Seaweed and kelp (high in iodine which supports your thyroid)

Remember all our nutrition and health goals are different. Your timing and amounts are based on your needs. In general,  30 minutes to 2 hours is best for fueling your fitness. If you need to fine tune your nutrition sign up for my nutrition coaching. We'll get you started on a customized treatment plan. 


Stay well in mind and body,








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