Self Care | Are You Creating A Meaningful Morning Practice?

The changing of seasons signifies a fresh start and a change to set your intention. In the spirit of spring, let’s discuss creating space for new routines, rituals, and habits. As an integrative RDN, I like to focus on self care and establishing habits that are essential for overall well-being. Morning routines are no exception! The days we wake up feeling frazzled and rushed can set the rest of our day up for disaster. During goal setting sessions with my clients, we discuss their morning practice (or lack thereof). The discussion goes beyond waking up, making coffee/tea and eating breakfast. For my clients with kids, the conversation goes wayyyyyy deeper. Because- when you have little ones in the house- morning routines take on a whole new meaning. 


So, what exactly is a morning practice? It can be as simple or as involved as you want it to be. The morning practice allows you to warm up the mind and body. The idea is to create a buffer between waking and starting your day. Creating space allows you to ask yourself questions like: am I tired, rested, hungry and/or stressed?  Start your day with a mind-body connection, which trust me, is a lifelong practice. You’re never really ‘there’...but that doesn’t mean you can’t strive to get there.


Below are some tips on creating your ideal morning practice. Once established, I am sure your practice will change with the seasons, your mood and your life happenings. But the change is good and is all about being connected and honest with yourself.

  1. Wake up early. I suggest thirty minutes to one hour. Waking up thirty minutes earlier also means going to bed thirty minutes earlier. Giving yourself extra time allows you to wake up with intention and live more mindfully. Ideally, you would wake up at the same time everyday.

  2. Avoid the screens. Once awake, refrain from checking emails, texts, or social media. Use this time to figure out your intention for the day. Our minds are the clearest they will be upon waking up, let’s cherish that special moment and just enjoy being.

  3. Meditate. Try for 5 minutes to clear your mind and focus on breathing. It helps clear our crazy monkey brains.

  4. Move your body. Whether it is exercising, stretching or a short walk outside, this will naturally wake up your body. Plus it will help improve digestion and get things “moving”.

  5. Be flexible. Know (and be ok with) your morning routine changing throughout the year.

  6. Start Simple. Building a morning practice takes time. Give yourself a few weeks to figure out what works best for you. Just make a commitment to stick with it until you figure it out!

We would love to hear about the morning practice you’ve created! Please share with @SilverSpoonsNutrition on Facebook and use the hashtag #morningpractice!

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