Your Wellness Kit | Guide to Keeping You Balanced and Rested


With the changing of the seasons, now is the time to prepare your Wellness Kit. The idea behind a wellness kit is to provide you with all the tools to help you feel better when exhausted or you are feeling burned out. We all need support during busy times, so prepare now for when November and December arrive (next week, eek!). This wellness kit can also be used throughout the year during a busy or stressful time in your life. Some of these items you may already be practicing (extra sleep or self care routines), either way it is a good guide to get you feeling balanced and rested.



  1. Matcha Tea | Did you ever notice that when you feel stressed out that drinking a pot of tea can be relaxing. Yes, part of it is the routine and sitting down with a warm mug. But Matcha tea, in particular, is high in antioxidants, amino acids, and chlorophyll, which is responsible for it’s beautiful bright green color. Of the amino acids contained in matcha tea, L-theanine is the most prevalent and is known to have a relaxing effect on the mind and body.  Due to its delicate flavor and antioxidant profile, matcha tea requires a little more patience and love when brewing it.  The leaves are time and temperature sensitive, so be mindful when making this delicious mug of tea.

  2. Drink Up | I have to admit when I am not feeling well or exhausted, I really don’t want water. But fluids are so important. Keep in mind, they don’t have to be cold, warm liquids are just as beneficial (match tea or your favorite tea).

  3. Rest | This might seem obvious but we need rest.  Set your boundaries now and say “no” when you need to. Reduce your social obligations and take time for yourself.  I will tell my clients to find “white space” in their daily routine.

  4. Move Your Bod | Light stretching, yoga or easy walking can do wonders for uplifting the mind and the immune system. It keeps the lymphatic system going and feeling good.

  5. Vitamin D | Most of us are deficient. I encourage my clients and any of you, to get your Vitamin D status checked. This vitamin is involved in so many processes in the body including immune system support.  

  6. Stress - less |  As we know, chronic stress can wreak havoc on our immune system and practicing mind-body modalities (yoga, acupuncture) will help counteract stress.  Plus, deep breathing and oxygenation will reduce your inflammation and cortisol levels that may already be elevated during this time.  

  7. Gut Health | Our gut health is the epicentre of our overall health. When talking with clients, I always address their gut function before we move on to other issues or concerns. If supplementing with probiotic- continue. Or get it from fermented foods, such as kraut, kefir, yogurt or kimchi. And continue to eat a whole foods diet.


Other items to include

  • Essential Oil Diffuser

  • Lavender Oil

  • Magnesium (Natural Calm) - always discuss with physician or healthcare provider before taking a supplement


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    I hope this post gets you through the next few months.  As always, if you need extra support contact me here about my services. These can be virtual or in-person. Enjoy the fall season!  




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