Interview with Local Foods and Treats Series: 10 Questions with Emily Golub, founder of Garnish and Gather

January 9, 2016


This is the first of many interviews by Silver Spoons Nutrition with local food brands and curated products in the Atlanta area. SSN wants to celebrate local businesses + food for those who grow it, sell it, create it, serve it, and everything in between. The idea is to showcase their platform and to dig further into their food philosophy going beyond good eats. Also, it is an opportunity for the local sustainable food world to connect but in a more intimate way, beyond tweeting and following on Instagram and/or Facebook. These short interviews will consist of 10 questions as it relates to their business and concept. 


 Garnish and Gather offers gourmet meal kits that are delivered (or pick-up) to your home from locally sourced farmers. The meats provided are ethically raised and they use sustainable seafood. Furthermore, they support local businesses and offer curated products in their "grocery" section. The gourmet meal kits are developed by chefs and no culinary talent is required. As a personal testament: their meal kits are delicious and a cinch to make (we cooked a meal after my second son was born, and trust me if sleep-deprived parents can cook them, anyone can!). My favorites are the family offerings with new kid-approved meals and snacks.

Love this concept and their platform and wish G&G much success because by supporting them you are supporting your local farmer and local food curators. 

Try their meals - you won't be disappointed!





1. If you could define Garnish and Gather food philosophy in one sentence it would be….

We are dedicated to bringing Atlanta locally sourced organic food paired with chef driven recipes so our customers can experience delicious, healthy & gourmet dinners any night of the week!


2. What is most important to Garnish and Gather (i.e. quality, whole ingredients etc…)?

We want to make cooking real food from local producers a reality for those busy weeknight, so we strive to bring together creative and healthy recipes with what we know our organic farmers are growing right now, to make dinner fun again. 


3. Love your concept on "sharing" - can you further explain?

To me food is really all about sharing. I always got more enjoyment out of cooking for others and I believe that food & cooking can really bring people together. Dinnertime can be a place for families & friends to come together, put away the cell phones, turn off the TV and really using that time to connect.


4. What is your process in menu development with local chefs? Do you give them carte blanche?

We love seeing the creativity our chefs bring to the table. Generally we’ll ask chefs for recipes that fit within a certain season and that highlight certain meat & fish products we know will be available, but other than that, we love to see what they come up with!





5. How receptive have Atlantans been to G&G?

We are so grateful for such a supportive community of G&G fans! Atlanta has been incredibly receptive and we’re eager to share G&G with even more Atlantans in the year ahead!


6. Why do you think consumers are concerned with local and whole-foods?

I believe there is great comfort in knowing where your food is coming from and the farmers that grow it. Many of us are concerned with feeding our bodies real food that is grown without chemicals and processed without additives and it can be very challenging to know what you are getting sometimes! Plus, what is more fun than meeting your farmer at the market and hearing their story about the love they put into the food they are selling. 


7. What have been your favorite meal concepts?  

I love our Be the Chef series featuring amazing dinners from Atlantas top chefs! I’m also very excited about all of our Kid Approved dinners each week - what’s more fun then getting the kiddos involved in the cooking experience. 


8. Would you explore more plant based meals? (Looking at meat as more of a "garnish”.)

Our menus each week feature a great variety of meats, fish and veggies! We often have vegetarian recipes available or recipes where meat is more of a garnish!


9. Do you involve children in taste testing?

A few G&G recipe testers have little ones at home who are taste testing our meals! My twin boys are only 4 months, so while they’re not taste testing G&G yet, they will be soon! 




  10. The future of G&G?

We are thrilled to have gotten such great response in Atlanta and we’re eager to continue to grow our product offering and customer base here in Atlanta! In the future I can certainly imagine G&G growing to other markets in the Southeast :) 

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