Foods Trends of 2015 and Beyond

January 11, 2016


As 2015 comes to a close, I believe it deserves some reflection.  We saw everything from 3-D printers to drones and my favorite, ugly food. I listed just a few and plus some to look for in 2016 (early predictions). Please share your favorite food or lifestyle trend.  I would love to hear from you!


1. Clean or Natural Foods

For several years now, consumers are slowly mitigating their way out of the center aisle (where most processed goods are found) and buying more fresh produce and less processed foods. However, the federal government has yet to define what "clean" or "all natural" actually means. So for now: read your labels. 


2. Ugly Produce (Cosmetically Challenged)

Most people want their oranges and apples to be perfectly round without any blemishes; or their peppers and tomatoes to be bright and smooth. While we all know that their odd shape and/or size does not affect the integrity of the produce, consumers still want their food to be pretty. We tend to treat ugly produce like second class citizens and therefore are increasing our food waste.  (You can tweet about your love of ugly food #loveuglyfood.)  We know all food deserves love.  Fortunately, there are several start-up companies in the US that will deliver ugly produce to your door. Sounds good to me - your wallet and the environment will thank you.


3. Craft Breweries

It can be described as happiness in a glass or 10 minutes of pleasure. Craft beers are increasingly popular as people demand a better beer drinking experience.  Craft beers are made in small batches allowing for more innovation.  Majority of craft beers are independently owned and according to Brewers Association, most Americans live within 10 miles of a craft brewery.  So drink up, support your local brewery, and enjoy your glass of gold.





1. Plant Based Meals

This one I am really excited about!  Now, I am not trying to convince anyone to become vegan nor am I demonizing meats.  This is about looking at vegetables in a new way.  Or using meat as a garnish rather than your main.  Build a meal around your vegetables. Try cauliflower slices as your T-bone steak (I know that is a strech for some) or mushrooms as your burger.  Your world of food will open up!  I will have more plant based recipes in 2016 to post and I believe you will love it!


2. Kale is out

Sorry kale lovers, but kale is on the way out. There are so many other greens out there let's make room for seaweed, rainbow chard, brocooli leaves (yes, I said brocolli leaves, think of it somewhere between spinach and kale). Enjoy all of them and give kale a rest.


3. Pulses

Finally lentils, beans, and chickpeas are getting some respect. Chickpeas in particular are becoming one of the most popular bean, mainly because of its versatility but also it is the main in hummus. Which BTW, I could not go a day without - we love it in our house! Pulses may be tiny but they pack a nutritional powerhouse punch.  You can add them into everything from salads, soups, side dishes (as main dishes), lasagnas, pizzas....



I can’t wait to see what 2016 will actually bring. I would love to hear about your personal food trends.  I will be cooking with kohlrabi, kalette, or broccoflower....


Happy, Happy New Year and Be Well!!




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