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Why Eat Sprouted Foods?

Did you know sprouted foods are actually a “living” food and they have amazing benefits?!  When a food becomes sprouted it converts back to a living plant.  What makes them a “healthy” food? For starters, they are more nutrient rich than the seed (older version of itself).  They can also be dehydrated to make sprouted grains (i.e. sprouted buckwheat flour).  Sprouted foods are highly bioavailable (easier to absorb) and contain vitamins and phytochemicals. Specifically, high levels of folate, vitamins A and C.  Also they are less allergenic for those with grain protein sensitivities. If you have a sensitive gut, sprouted grains are easier to digest. (Basically, the sprouting breaks down the seed). I tend to buy sprouted bread and/or flourless bread. Check out the wide range of health related “benefits” here.

Now, let’s briefly discuss phytic acid. It is a compound found in all legumes, nuts, and grains. Phytic acid can inhibit min...

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Prebiotics | Precursors to Good Gut Health

August 22, 2018

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Founder of Silver Spoons Nutrition, Margot holds a master's of science in nutrition and is a Licensed Registered Dietitian.

Currently, Margot is in training with IFNA for board certification for Integrative and Functional Nutrition. With over 10 years experience, Margot gets to the "root cause" of systems imbalance.  She uses science based evidence along with the art of healthy living.

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Margot Witteveen, MS, RDN, LD


Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Integrative and Functional Nutrition + Content Creator

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 Margot Witteveen | Atlanta, GA | margot@silverspoonsnutrition.co