Have you felt something was missing? Have you been given a diagnosis and don't know where to start? 

As a registered dietitian nutritionist, with over 10 years experience -my clients come from all backgrounds and all types of issues from digestion, autoimmune, food allergy/sensitivity, mood and hormone imbalances to sometimes needing a general diet re-haul. All consults include a personalized treatment plan and a foundations diet.  We can meet in person or virtually.  We cover the full wellness spectrum from eating for your lifestyle, physical activity, sleep, stress management, environment and finding your tribe.  Not sure where to start - let's schedule a complimentary conference call. I want to help you heal and get you back to living a full life!

Margot Witteveen, MS, RDN, LD - Founder

Integrative and Functional Nutritionist

"Wellness is a full spectrum. It is not just exercise and diet. Learn to manage them all and you will feel and experience the difference"

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Margot Witteveen, MS, RDN, LD


Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Integrative and Functional Nutrition + Content Creator

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 Margot Witteveen | Atlanta, GA | margot@silverspoonsnutrition.co